Calling all radiographers!

What does a mobile radiographer do?

Radiographers are health care professionals who operate diagnostic imaging machines, like CT or MRI scanners. 

Radiographers work with Radiologists, who interpret their scans and decide on a diagnosis for the patient. They can work in areas like surgery, the emergency room, cardiac care, intensive care, and patient rooms.

In recent years, the option for mobile radiography has grown. Radiographers work in shifts, travelling up and down the country in mobile units. They either operate privately, or are loaned out to hospitals with less advanced facilities and fewer staff members to operate it. 


Radiographer job responsibilities include:

  • Helping oncologists with radiation treatment for cancer patients
  • Preparing patients for radiologic procedures
  • Maintaining imaging equipment
  • Ensuring that safety protocols are being followed
  • Helping surgeons, such as with imaging during complicated procedures

What's it like to be a mobile radiographer at medneo?

medneo offers a competitive competency/experience based salary with lucrative overtime opportunities. 

Radiographer salaries are strictly benchmarked on experience and skills, and we are passionate about being equitable and fair to all of our staff.

There are many opportunities for overtime within the service!

Overtime worked during the month, offers a rate of 1.50 your hourly salary.

Additional shifts worked on Sunday offer a magnificent rate of 1.75.

Part of being a locum Radiographer is travelling!

medneo pay for the time that you spend driving to work above the first hour. Driving on a day off is fully paid and driving on a Sunday attracts 1.75 your hourly rate. 

Contributions to your fuel costs are also made in one of two ways, depending on your preferences. 

Hotel stays can be booked through a handy application and are fully covered by the company.

medneo offers a £5000 car allowance and upon successfully completion of your probation you will have the option of leasing a brand-new electric car via a very tax efficient salary sacrifice scheme.

The pension is 5% which is matched by medneo. This is continually being reviewed and is likely to be increased in the future

We offer:

  • 5 x salary life assurance.
  • Private health insurance for yourself, with an option to add your partner and children (at a small additional cost). This level of cover is the best available, including pre-existing medical conditions and access to London specialist hospitals.
  • We will be adding new benefits in the next month or so, which will likely include dental and gym membership options.

Yes, our provider will send you either a cancellation notices or details on how to opt out once you’ve joined the scheme.

As the name “mobile radiographer” implies, you would be expected to travel for your role. 

We have locations across the country and are constantly expanding, so we aim to keep people within local regions. Although occasionally; depending on the customer locations, there is a need to travel a bit further. 

Our rota team always look to work with staff to suit everyone’s needs as much as possible.

medneo has promoted a number of employees from within the team. 

The Regional Mobile Managers we currently have in place, were our first Senior radiographers joining the clinical team.

Our Mobile Business Development Manager also joined medneo as a Senior radiographer. After undertaking a secondment as CT mobilisation manager, overseeing the creation of the mobile CT trailers, she was promoted to Business Development Manager. 

Our interim London Centre Manager joined the team as a Senior radiographer. Shortly after becoming deputy manager, she has taken the maternity cover role as centre manager. 

Our Managing Director and Operations Director are also proof that there’s no limit to what you can do once you join as a radiographer. 

With medneo’s continued growth plans, there will be many opportunities for progression.

We have close links with Siemens and Canon. They provide access to on site applications training, as well as online and in person courses. 

We are very keen on continued education and have recently paid for staff to go on Kanal’s MR safety course, numerous clinical development courses and St Joseph’s cardiac course. 

We are currently sponsoring two staff to complete their PGCs and are keen to further support the staff in their training needs.

medneo has the highest level of cardiac equipment (e.g. only mobile Canon Prism Edition CTs) and most of our services deliver high end applications to our customers. 

We have several sites where cardiac MRI and CT scanning are a routine part of the service delivery.

Also – average age of the mobile fleet is less than 2 years with none more than 3 years

Mobile Radiographer jobs at medneo

medneo’s innovative operational model delivers innovations in imaging into the German and Swiss markets. Our radiographers provide high-quality, very efficient, managed service imaging centres in partnership with radiologists and healthcare organisations.

medneo UK combines the success of medneo GmbH with the UK team’s experience of the UK health economy. Our radiographers pride themselves upon delivering high quality MRI for patients from the medneo London Centre and from the fleet of mobile, cardiac-optimised, MRI scanners.

About us

Our radiographer community is largely based in mobile units across the UK.

We recruit for radiographer jobs all over South East England and encourage radiographers to gain experience in both MRI and CT. 

We have shaped a close-knit feel throughout our teams with bold leadership decisions and effective communication.

Perks & development

As a radiographer in medneo’s new high end mobile service you will be working with new 1.5T Siemens Aera 48 channel scanners, providing complex cardiac, gynaecology, musculoskeletal, neurology and musculoskeletal MRI investigations. As for our CT operations, you will have access to a state of the art Canon Aquilion One PRISM Edition CT system. 

What is a Radiographer salary like?

You'll be offered a competitive industry based salary, with lucrative overtime opportunities.

Working at a Radiographer agency

Your rotas are flexible and mindful of your well-being, with a focus on a good work / life balance.

Referral scheme

You have access to an exciting referral scheme, offering radiographers a cash incentive to help expand the team.

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