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Why did you start working at medneo?

“I got drawn into this company because of all the excellent feedback I received from the other colleagues who were first to join the company. This made me eager to be part of the leading imaging company that was just establishing its base in the country. I wanted to offer my contribution that I had garnered over the years working in a similar setting doing MRI.”

- Abdinoor Abubakar Sheikh, Regional Mobile Manager

The variety it brings

“I have always loved being a mobile radiographer and the variety it brings- new locations, new ways of working and learning from client sites and a real mix of colleagues. 

When I met the Head of UK Operations, Amanda Blake, in my interview, I knew straight away this was a company I wanted to be involved with. That was two and a half years ago and in that time the company’s ethos has strengthened and its vision has always remained clear.

Seeing the mobile radiographers start from a team of 5, now to 70+, it’s great how close knit the team feels, and the quality of service is highly maintained.”

- Beth Norris, Bank Senior MRI Radiographer

The management supports further development through supporting training programmes and post graduate courses. medneo also supports staff in expanding their skills outside clinical setting through career progression in business and management team.
Personally, the biggest factor for is the strong leadership of the management. They are able to meet and understand the needs of staff and service due to their experience.

Why do you enjoy working at medneo?

The positive work environment

“I love working for medneo because there are never any skill mix issues. We work very well as a team as a whole. Everyone is competent and friendly. The overall work environment is very positive.

The scanner trailers are well looked after and are a nice environment to work in.

The management team at medneo are super supportive and friendly. There is always someone available to help with any problems. Nothing ever seems like too much trouble!”

- Emma Miller, Regional Lead Radiographer

The constant support that I have received since the beginning, has motivated me, and helped me to excel in my job.
medneo's culture practices a good effective communication system which makes me feel very much part of team, all though working remotely.
At medneo hard work and dedication is appreciated which inspires the staff members to reach their potential to progress and makes the company a great place to work for.

“There is a real esprit de corps among the medneo team and everyone is pulling in the same direction to deliver the best mobile imaging service possible.

New sites are appearing on the rota on a regular basis and the case mix ensures that stagnation does not occur.”

- Dominic McGurk, Senior Mobile Radiographer

What Is the work environment like?

“Engaging; always keeping every staff both interested and motivated in what they do.

I really like my current work environment, it is indeed a A Great Place to Work as recently certified, with management and other members in my team more than happy to help and support.

We have top of the range MRI and CT scanners and staff who are a pleasure to work with.”

- Abdinoor Abubakar Sheikh, Regional Mobile Manager

There are such invaluable experiences to be had

“medneo seem to always be at the forefront of new software development.

I helped out on the cardiologist lead cardiac contract at William Harvey last month, using the new model scanners and consoles that medneo are bringing in. It feels just like a mini department; there’s no noise from the scanner, lots of space to work in, feels great. 

There are such invaluable experiences available, and great opportunities for anyone wanting to to develop new skills in a supportive environment.

Every month there is a Microsoft teams call where all the radiographers dial in to management led discussions about client site subjects from the month, best working practices, policy revision and new medneo projects etc.  It really gives mobile radiographers exposure to the clinical governance side of working in these sessions and insight of how the business is working as a whole and developing.

So, lots of knowledge from collaborative learning to be had!”

- Beth Norris, Bank Senior MRI Radiographer

The work environment is great. The camaraderie of staff is amazing. Everyone is willing to go that extra mile.
I work mainly in CT, and it is a privilege to be surrounded by highly experienced radiographers.

Working at medneo

How would you describe medneo as a company?

A company that is committed to the quality of service It delivers

“I would describe medneo as a progressive company: growing and always trying new things to try and set us apart from competition.

A company that is committed to the quality of service it delivers to it’s customers, paying great attention to staff it employs and also investing in their education and development so as to keep them on top of the game.

A company that embraces inclusivity: coming from ethnic minority I feel like the company gives each and everyone a chance to grow and fulfill their potential.”

- Abdinoor Abubakar Sheikh, Regional Mobile Manager

As a company, medneo really seems to care about the welfare of the staff and all reasonable efforts are made to accommodate geographical and personal preferences whilst ensuring that all sites are properly staffed.
In summary, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend medneo as a prospective employer, particularly if the idea of working in a variety of different locations appeals.

“Overall, I would describe medneo as an amazing company to work for. The management structure, work-life balance, career progression and general environment are all extremely positive, so I am extremely satisfied with my job!”

- Emma Miller, Regional Lead Radiographer

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