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Training Opportunities

What we believe

As a radiographer in medneo’s new high end mobile service you will be working with new advanced capability Canon CT scanners and Siemens MRI Scanners. We will support your professional development, including offering you access to classroom and online training courses.

Each radiographer will have an agreed training programme and will be supported to ensure they achieve their personal professional goals.

What's involved?


Clinical staff are trained to a high level ILS standard. The course is tailored for medneo and delivered by our Resus consultant who has many year’s experience facilitating  to radiographers who work in the mobile environment.

Further to this we have supported some of our Radiographers to undertake their PGC and PGD as well as sending staff on the Kanal MRI Safety course.

Equipment & Specialities

Training and development is something that medneo strongly believes in and we try our best to ensure all staff can develop within the company.

All staff will undertake a competency based training programme but we also send staff on Siemens courses, including Siemens Application training, or any other industry courses they wish to attend.

We are particularly interested in staff who want to be trained in Cardiac. We have sent several staff on the St Josephs cardiac MRI course in the last few years, as well as the Siemens courses. We also have an in-house bespoke cardiac CT course.

We are really keen to invest in people continuing their learning as it means they bring new knowledge and ideas to the team. It makes their day a bit more interesting and everyone benefits!

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If you're interested in pursuing further professional development, medneo are the company for you!

"There are such invaluable experiences available, and great opportunities for anyone wanting to to develop new skills in a supportive environment."

– Beth Norris, Bank Senior MRI Radiographer