Meet the team

The mobile team

medneo’s UK mobile services are led by highly experienced clinician managers, who are driven by providing great patient care and excellent services for our clients in both the NHS and independent sector.

Sharon Swire

Business Development Manager

Sharon is our business development manager for mobile imaging services.  She is our point of contact for sales and is passionate about excellent customer care.  Sharon works with our team to exceed customers’ expectations, building close and collaborative relationships with our NHS and other healthcare providers.

Sharon has over 28 years of experience in radiography, clinical operations, and imaging service management.  Trained whilst in the RAF, she has also worked extensively in all areas of radiography in the NHS.  Sharon has an MSc in cross-sectional imaging, two first class honours degrees, and specialist cardiac imaging knowledge.  She has also been instrumental in the introduction of mobile CT services into our business.

Matt Mealor

Regional Mobile Manager

Matt is Regional Mobile Manager, South, and supports preparation of new MRI trailers across the business including site setup, IT implementation and workflow design.  He focuses on ensuring effective working relationships with client sites and creating an enabling culture and work environment.  Matt works across the UK business in service development and is passionate about supporting his colleagues, their needs and ideas and he enjoys creative problem-solving.

Matt has been involved in the design of medneo UK’s services since day one.  He brings over five years’ experience as a senior radiographer having worked in the NHS and at another imaging provider.  Matt benefits from diverse experiences in managing IT sales, large account management and managerial roles.

Naomi Miskin

Regional Mobile Manager

Naomi leads day-to-day operations of mobile MRI services in our Midlands Region.  She is keenly focused on quality and patient safety, serving as a member of medneo’s Clinical Governance Group helping ensure compliance and supporting learning across the business.  Naomi is passionate about delivering friendly, high-quality, and patient-centric services.  She loves welcoming new colleagues to the team and supporting their learning and development on an ongoing basis.

Naomi has a wealth of experience in project management and development, having spent nearly fifteen years in the environmental sector.  As a senior radiographer, she is highly skilled in complex MRI examinations including cardiac MRI and is focused on the development and operation of those services at medneo.

Jeff Richards

CT Mobile Manager

As CT Mobile Manager, Jeff leads new service mobilisation and day-to-day operations for medneo’s mobile CT services.  His personal mission is to build and lead the best mobile CT service available anywhere.  Jeff is committed to disrupting traditional practices in CT imaging to identify new ways to enhance the value great CT imaging affords patient care.

Jeff brings eight years’ radiography experience since graduating with first class honours and obtaining distinction upon completion of his PgC, specialising in CT imaging.  Having worked in the NHS, he joined a large national imaging provider in 2017 where he quickly took more senior roles including leadership of regional CT services spanning a number of NHS and private hospitals and CT scanners.

Jo Watkinson

Regional Mobile manager

As Regional Mobile Manager in the North, Jo leads day-to-day operations for mobile MRI services in her region.  Jo is proud to work for medneo, with the company’s investment in its people and its commitment to innovation.  She enjoys working with a highly experienced senior team, from whom she can learn and knowing she is supported in her development.

Jo is an experienced radiographer and has spent over five years in advanced MRI investigations, including cardiac MRI, one of her areas of clinical interest.  She holds a PGC in MRI.  Prior to working in clinical service operations and management, Jo amassed a wealth of experience managing busy contact centres across the UK.

Abdinoor Sheikh

Regional Mobile manager

Abdi leads operational services in support of our MRI mobile customers in the North of England.  He is responsible for inducting new clinical team members in the UK business together with new site setup and mobilisation at customer sites in the North.  Abdi is passionate about ensuring a great experience for new clinical team members who join medneo, including new ways to improve how we do that as a team.

Abdi is a highly experienced radiographer and University of Cumbria graduate who is expert in specialist MRI investigations, including Cardiac MRI.  He brings experience from both NHS and independent sector roles as a senior radiographer, across MRI and nuclear medicine imaging modalities.

Martine Ansell

Regional Mobile manager

Martine leads operational mobile MRI services in the South East. She supports the quality team with clinical governance and is focused on compliance across the business. Martine is passionate about supporting her team, ensuring staff receive the support and training they need to develop, with the benefit of medneo’s commitment to investment in the latest technology.

Martine has been with medneo UK since day one, having mobilised and managed our London Centre prior to moving to the Mobiles team. She brings over ten years clinical MRI experience, and a distinction in her MSc specialising in MRI. Martine has previously worked at an NHS hospital and for private providers, progressing to managerial roles including Radiology/MRI manager and London Centre Manager.

Steve Parkes

Regional Mobile manager

Steve is CT Mobile Manager for the North of England and Scotland.  He is passionate about supporting and developing team members in his field, in particular in complex CT imaging including cardiac CT.  Steve loves working with new and existing customers in developing long-term solutions that enhance patient care and access to CT imaging in the communities we serve.

Steve is a senior experienced radiographer with over 22 years’ experience, 18 of which has been dedicated to CT imaging; he completed his PGcert in CT and has worked in the field as CT technology has developed from 2 slice scanner technology to the 640 slice scanning we offer at medneo.

The UK Team

medneo’s UK management team are experienced healthcare leaders with a passion for delivering patient and customer centric imaging services.

Andy Spellman

Managing Director

Andy leads the medneo UK team and was instrumental in medneo establishing itself in the UK.  He is passionate about providing outstanding patient care and innovative solutions that are tailored to customers’ needs and expectations.  He is dedicated to his team and the development all their individual and collective professional objectives, fostering a highly engaged and positive team culture.

Andy has over 35 years’ experience in medical imaging services and began his career as a clinical diagnostic radiographer in the NHS.  He has held senior management and director level positions at several large UK-based providers of diagnostic imaging services.

Amanda Blake

Operations Director

Amanda is responsible for clinical operations – focused on delivering high quality, safe and effective care for our patients, and on supporting our team grow and deliver upon our core objectives and values.  Amanda leads design and mobilisation of services and brings an abundance of experience to our team.

As a diagnostic radiographer Amanda quickly progressed through clinical roles (NHS) and International MRI applications (GE).  She held organisation-wide leadership roles in governance and education, service development and mobilisation at a large private imaging provider.  Before joining medneo, she led pathology and radiology services for a national hospital operator.  Amanda has led the successful mobilisation of over fifty MRI and CT services.

Stuart Webb

Finance Director

Stuart is responsible for financial and corporate governance leadership and oversight of medneo UK’s legal and contractual needs. He is focused on ensuring appropriate frameworks and controls are in place to support the financial and commercial success of the business.

Stuart is a Chartered Certified Accountant and holds a first-class honours degree in accounting and finance. He is an experienced senior leader with a wealth of financial and commercial experience gained from several board-level roles in healthcare. As Finance Director at Greenbrook Healthcare, a leading operator of Urgent Treatment Centres for the NHS, Stuart played a pivotal role in securing a successful sale of the business for its shareholders.

Dr Anant Krishnan

Medical Director

Anant is medneo UK’s Medical Director.  He brings a wealth of clinical expertise to our team and supports us in ensuring our services are clinically and operationally appropriate, especially in the development of new services. Anant is also a Consultant in Neuroradiology at Barts Health NHS Trust.

In clinical practice, Anant’s main interests are in neuro-oncology, neuroinflammation, neurodegeneration and trauma imaging. He is particularly interested in the application of advanced and novel MRI methods to clinical practice. Prior to training in radiology, he gained a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Cambridge where he conducted research in molecular MRI applications.

Rachael Mullen

Head of Quality & Risk

Rachael is responsible for quality, risk, and compliance management for medneo UK.  She is passionate about patient experience and driving the quality agenda.  Rachael is a firm believer in evidence-based quality service provision through accreditation, positive change management and by managing incidents to best promote learning and awareness.

Rachael has worked at several NHS hospitals across the UK as a therapeutic radiographer. Before joining medneo, she held Quality and Development Superintendent (Radiotherapy, Medical Physics and Clinical Research Centre) at The London Clinic.  She has extensive experience in clinical leadership, research, and leading quality initiatives.  Rachael has particular interest in informed consent, on which she has published in peer reviewed journals and regularly presents.

Manisha Modhvadia

Business Operations Manager

Manisha is responsible for key functions in finance and human resources including finance and people management systems, billing & collection, accounts payable, payroll, the administration of HR policies and onboarding of new starters.  She is excited to be part of the team and to support selection and implementation of appropriate and robust systems and processes as our UK business grows.

Manisha brings over fifteen years’ experience in financial operations to our team, across a range of business sectors.  Her career includes roles at the British Medical Journal and OTIS.  Prior to joining medneo UK Manisha worked at Christies where she held roles as Commercial Business Finance Advisor and Account Manager.

Charlie Fox

Commercial Director

Charlie leads all sales, marketing and commercial activities for medneo UK.  He is passionate about innovating, doing things first and doing them to the highest standard.  He is focused on working with teams and individuals to get the best results together and on taking a collaborative approach with customers and colleagues.

Charlie has over 20 years’ healthcare experience with director roles including a global medical device company and prior to that senior sales and marketing roles at the leading imaging services provider in Europe at the time.  Prior to his healthcare experience he worked for major media and fast-moving consumer goods brands, where he learned and tuned his commercial skills.

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